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Our programmes are based upon high standards of professionalism and expertise. We clearly define results and recommend the most appropriate methodologies and tools to measure. By identifying in advance the intended results of a project/programme and how we can measure their progress, we support you to easily determine whether a difference has genuinely been made for the people concerned. We then apply a clear, logical framework to manage and measure intervention outcomes. We adopt the following specific measures to ensure that we deliver value to our partners and clients:

  1. Our statistical methods are robust
  2. All questionnaires and data collection instruments are designed by Walsbridge and customised to suit the unique service indicators of the client.
  3. Questionnaires are used only after client has signed off.
  4. The sampling techniques we use take commercial goals into consideration, for e.g. it puts relatively higher weight on opinions of high value respondents.
  5. All interviews are thoroughly checked for logic and consistency before data entry
  6. Data is double entered to avoid data entry errors
  7. We deliver reports with unparalleled clarity. And we present content-led conclusions and recommendations.
  8. We conduct triangulation wherever necessary to ensure that all relevant data and experiences leading up to the evaluation are factored in the final report.

We engage only qualified interviewers, mostly graduates and undergrads, this gives them the opportunity to gain hands-on training and also earn to support their education.


Q:Who needs market research?

A: Organizations and business leaders who aspire to increase shareholder value, market share and maintain growth.Get more >>

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