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CES helps to reap significant financial rewards for organization's sales, marketing and customer service departments. Customer loyalty is rooted in the feeling of respect and appreciation. Our newest and most effective techniques provide managers with data to:
  • Maximize sales through targeted cross selling and up-selling
  • Develop more effective relationship marketing strategies
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Eliminate the risk of losing high-value clients
Relationship management is vital for the retention of high value clients. It uses a combination of unaided (open) and aided (closed) questions to understand and drill deeper into product familiarly, affinity, and satisfaction. Finally, gauge future intent (likelihood to recommend or purchase).
This is a unique type of survey that helps organizations to more accurately assess their existing customers' loyalty and order to determine repurchase intent and project future revenue.
  • Do you feel your training programmes are not translating into the excellence you expect?
  • Do you feel some of your frontline staff are not delivering value?
  • Do you want more of your customers to direct "traffic" towards your brand?
Get insights to effect the desired change. Receive detailed feedback on service excellence practices at your business and translate the insight into action so you can respond to challenges and identify opportunities in order to create loyal customers. This is what a customised Walsbridge mystery shopping provides:
  • Detailed service excellence report (Monthly, Quarter, or Yearly)
  • Ranking of branches/business offices
  • Ranking of branch/business office managers
  • Videos


Q:Who needs market research?

A: Organizations and business leaders who aspire to increase shareholder value, market share and maintain growth.Get more >>

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