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WALSBRIDGE is a market research & business intelligence powerhouse founded by a team of Ghanaian professionals. The company has designed and delivered quality solutions to help organisations obtain deeper market insights, resolve service gaps and build stronger and globally competitive brands. We are passionate about working in partnership with a variety of organisations - small to medium enterprises, large multinational corporations, local businesses, universities, foundations, NGOs, government agencies and other donors- to make a real difference. We believe the most effective partnerships are those in which risks, responsibilities and rewards are shared, and which address core interests of all parties involved.

Mission: To inspire growth and innovation to every company through cutting edge research and business intelligence.
Values: Openness and Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable to those we seek to assist and those from whom we accept resources.
Vision: To deliver unequalled competitive advantage to help local companies compete more successfully on the global market.


Q:Who needs market research?

A: Organizations and business leaders who aspire to increase shareholder value, market share and maintain growth.Get more >>

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