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Consumer Profiling Studies: A comprehensive study to understand all aspects of consumer behaviour in an area of interest including, lifestyle, socioeconomic status and spending patterns and buying motive.

Retail Audit: Assesses the extent to which retailers comply with manufacturers’ directives at retail outlets. It enables manufacturers track and determine which resellers comply with retail price, storage facilities and product display

Brand Price Trade-Offs: a form of pricing studies. The BPTO measures price sensitivity of brands in a competitive context. The underlying assumption is that there are two factors that influence the purchase decision – the brand (representing a summarised version of all variables other than price) and its price.

Distribution Channels: Traces the path that fast moving consumer goods (FMGC) travel from manufacturer to consumer. Used in designing effective distribution for new products and to determine factors the influence price disparity between recommended price and actual retail price.

Brand Health Tracker: These studies are done on a regular basis (for e.g., every 3/6/12 months) to monitor consumer usage and behaviour vis-à-vis a product category. Provides timely indicators to improve brand loyalty. The aim of such study is to monitor and establish the usage, strengths and weaknesses of key brands.

Advertising Impact Assessment: Measure the extent to which your adverts actually communicate your products and services to your target market.

Concept Assessment: The purpose of these tests is to identify the concept, which most effectively communicates the benefits of a product and/or the disparity between advertisers intent and actual consumer understanding.

New Product Development: A comprehensive study that involves as combination of product viability, product test, branding, marketing and advertising evaluation.

Corporate Reputation Index: Evaluates and ranks diverse organizational components including organizational culture, ethics and integrity, governance processes and leadership, products/services, strategic alliances and innovation as perceived by organisation and the general public.

Product Tests: Assess consumers’ acceptance of a product/brand under realistic conditions and without the influence of any marketing mix. This method is also used to benchmark against the competition

Name and Pack Test: Determines the appeal of packaging/name options for various product categories. Helps to choose the best and commercially viable options for target market.
Employee Satisfaction Index -. Identifies and rates key satisfaction indicators and ultimately staff monitor the needs and aspirations of their employees and its impact on performance. Determines rewards and benefits that are important to employees.

Customer Satisfaction Index: Identifies and rates how products and services are meeting the needs of customers or consumers.

Early Brand Evaluation: The purpose of these studies is to assess awareness, trial, and purchase intent for new brands/products/line extensions. It is usually conducted in the early stages of the product launch and in several waves in order to track the progress of a brand

Brand identity Test: This is a variation of a product test used to assess the effectiveness of the brand name and/or the level of penetration among consumers and general public.

Usage and Attitude Surveys: These are full-scale market studies to measure the awareness, usage, purchase/ repurchase intent, attitude, advertising awareness and recall for specific products / brands.
Social Research - The Company collaborates with governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as special interest groups to conduct studies that border on health and other aspects of society and human development.

Monitoring and Evaluation: assessing the progress and impact of group or community based interventions.
Opinion polls - Measure public opinion a wide range of social and political issues.

Client Commissioned Surveys: Research initiated, customised and detailed to meet specific information needs of companies and individuals.

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