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Q - What is “Winning @ Frontline?"
Ans - It is a training seminar designed and organised by Walsbridge to promote practical, consistent and exceptional customer care at the frontline of organisations

Q - Who are frontline staff?
Ans - Front-line staff are those who interact directly with customers or the public on behalf of a company or their employer including:
    Front desk (or service-desk) staff
    Customer/Client service staff
    Executive Assistants
    Call centre (or help desk) staff
    Sales executives
    Field staff
    To some extent every business executive is (technically) a frontline staff

Q - How is “Winning @ Frontline” different from other training programmes?
 Ans - Most training programmes focus almost entirely on imparting technical expertise such as product or service information, detailed knowledge about the organisation itself, latest updates and news, solutions/answers to various challenges customers may face. Attitudinal change is often left to the discretion of the trainees.
Lessons from many customer care and mystery shopping surveys conducted by Walsbridge indicates that customers put respect and courtesy above technical competence. Therefore “Winning @ Frontline” has been designed to use case studies, discussions and role plays to help participants through a combination of attitude enrichment and technical skills development

Q - How does this concept work?
Ans - Many frontline staff who offer substandard service or act unprofessionaly towards customers or the general public usually think of clients as a bother and mostly do so in protest of some level of dissatisfaction in their jobs. They usually do not know that customers or the general public they interact with on daily basis hold the key to career advancement. They also do not consider the damage their actions do to their own image and personalities. 

Winning @ Frontline focuses on helping participants to use their own image as a motivation to be the best. And in so doing their companies can also benefit.

Q - What topics will be presented? 

i. Personal Grooming for Business People
Personal grooming has a subtle but curiously powerful influence on progress through life including careers. How you look, dress and care for yourself sends signals to others about what you are and what they can expect from your business. 

ii. Practical Excellence in Customer care
Cases from many customer care and mystery shopping surveys conducted by Walsbridge indicate that customers put respect and courtesy above technical competence. Some of these experiences will be used to generate discussions on the impact of uncomplimentary customer service on career advancement and corporate profitability.

iii. Service Recovery
Businesses strive to offer superior service to their customers. However, some action or inaction could lead to service failure or disappointment. We shall be looking at how the frontline can support this service recovery process.

Q - What would I benefit by attending this programme?
Ans - Participants will gain the motivation and skills to excel in their jobs and advance in their career. 

Q - Who are the facilitators?
Ans - Walsbridge has a pool of seasoned and dedicated professionals with varied expertise. These include the Directors of Walsbridge and other associates in Corporate Ghana.


Q - Where will the seminar take place?
Ans - The seminar will take place at the conference room of Paloma Hotel, Ring Road Central, opposite Silver Cup bus stop, adjacent the National Democratic Congress headquarters.


Q - How can one participate in the programme?
Ans - Any person interested in taking part needs to purchase a ticket at the front desk of Paloma Hotel or Silverbird Bookshop at the Accra Mall for GHc 55.00 ($35). He/she would be required to complete a registration form as well. Alternatively, interested participants can email or call 020 9223311 for delivery of registration forms/ticket.

Q - What is the duration of the programme?
Ans - The programmed will be delivered in two separate seminars each of which will last for approximately 4 hours:

      i-Morning seminar (8am to 12:30 pm) 
     ii-Afternoon seminar (2pm to 6:30pm)

Q - Does a participant have to attend both seminars?

Ans - No. Each participant has the option to choose and attend either the first or the second seminar depending on his/her schedule. Both seminars will have the same content and facilitators. 

Q - What is the course fee?
Ans – GHc 55.00 ($35), it covers
Course materials 
Buffet snacks
Wi-Fi Internet for all participants for the duration of conference.


Other Training Modules we offer to organisations and individuals include:

- Corporate Grooming
- Critical Elements of Customer Care
- Consumer Behaviour
- Facilitation Skills
- Quantitative & Qualitative Interviewing Skills
- Persuasive Communication
- Writing and Presentation Skills
- Sales Advantage
- Project Management




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