Human capital development
Evidently, many companies are investing more and more in developing their human capital base which in essence is their biggest and most important asset. However many more organisations still rely on “on the job training” - Employees will always learn on the job but excellence comes from a deliberate and concerted effort. A chain is as strong as is weakest link; the same is true in the corporate world.

Market survey
Market research is a process of listening to the consumer/client in order to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer requirements profitably (and reduce risk).

 It takes a holistic approach, incorporating multiple perspectives and different disciplines to ensure a systematic and rigorous output. Quality research can provide objective insights based on in-depth understanding and the ability to anticipate likely scenarios in the future. Independent and rigorous research supported by experience and imagination can help to identify trends in markets and define opportunities. Businesses seeking to excel can no longer afford to miss out on professional market intelligence.

Qualitative or Quantitative
There are two types of primary research: qualitative and quantitative. No one method can provide all the answers – particularly as the world is increasingly complex. The two go hand in hand as a technique that can be jointly deployed to help solve problems. Invariably with marketing issues, research that provides a blend of both methodologies is extremely productive with qualitative research typically as the first stage.

Desk Research 
This is a basic and initial, but important, step that a researcher takes before committing to the task of generating primary data which requires a lot more investment.

Professional Standards
Effective market research depends on public confidence; confidence that research is carried out honestly, objectively and base upon respondents’ willing cooperation.  Walsbridge implements robust sampling methods, effective supervision and response verification procedures consistent with local and international professional codes of practice.

Market Research relies on confidentiality. Walsbridge ensures that clients’ confidentiality is preserved externally and internally.

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Discovering a self-image that feels right for your business and looks great to clients.


Presentation skills
Improving on the ability to communicate successfully


Team Building
Bringing out the best in teams in the business environment.

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