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Social Research
Evaluating society’s attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, trends and stratifications vis-a-vis education, health etc .


Consumer Profiling
Understanding consumer behaviour:  lifestyle, socioeconomic status, spending patterns and buying motive


Monitoring and Evaluation
Objectively assessing the progress and impact of corporate and social interventions.

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Walsbridge is an Independent Market Research and Corporate Skills Training services company, incorporated in 2008 under the companies Act 179.  It was founded by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. Together we bring years of varied experiences from different professional disciplines to bear on every assignment. Each aspect of the company’s work revolves around its core values: Integrity & Excellence.

Delivery Approach
In recognising that effective solutions depends on sound technical competence, honesty and objectivity, Walsbridge engages talented people, use proven methods and innovative techniques in executing each task. The company places priority on the professional and ethical conduct of our team members. We believe in the power of team work but we also have systems and procedures that recognises and reward exceptional individual efforts and offer opportunities for career advancement.

Quality Approach
Effective market intelligence relies on client confidence; confidence that research is carried out honestly, objectively and base upon respondents’ willing cooperation.  Walsbridge implements robust sampling methods, effective supervision and response verification procedures, consistent with local and international codes.

Our Staff training is mostly informed by practical field experiences and driven by evidence-based training modules. Feedback and periodic post training collaboration helps to ensure that sessions are constantly revised to reflect the needs of beneficiaries.  

Market Research relies on confidentiality. Walsbridge ensures that clients’ confidentiality is preserved externally and internally.